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we track and analyze customer behaviour data in real time
helping retail predict, automate and save cost


The value we create for your business, drives smarter decision making for increased efficiency, profitability and customer loyalty.

We bring business intelligence to a new level through retail innovation

Live Dashboard

View live statistics such as heatmaps or actual customer live view. Monitor routes, dwell time & congestions


Taylored to your business and integrated with your systems to create a fantastic fushion of new information

Any device

Watch how your business is doing any time, anywhere on any device

Customer Experience

Enhance customer flow. Minimize queuing. Automate customer in store reward

So easy to get started

Everything is Cloud based so getting started is easy


  • Client interview
  • Gather facility information
  • Set a work outline
  • Set mutual goals


  • Install on location
  • Calibration
  • Trial runs
  • Acceptance testing


  • Dashboard launch
  • Data gameroom
  • Discovery phase
  • Review goals

How do you want to collect data?

Our software works with any type of sensors. We help select and install the appropriate sensors for each setup

We also support mixed sensor landscapes


  • Wifi based
  • Tracks smart phones
  • Accuracy 1 to 3 meters

Bluetooth BLE

  • Requires Tags on Items
  • Accuracy 30 cm
  • Supports in store Apps
  • Low cost

Ultra wide band

  • Requires Tags on Items
  • Accuracy 30 cm
  • Good coverage
  • No need for line of sight
  • Low cost

Dasboard Building Blocks

Just a few samples of dashboard viewboxes you can build

  • All
  • Live view
  • Counting
  • Trends
Collect when needed Auto assign to staff
Compare any period Customized for each user
Real time Respond do incresed traffic
Set any limit Trigger actions when needed
Zone based monitoring Divide areas into zones
Floorspace optimization Want to make changes and see what happens?
Track individual shopper View shopper paths
Hot zones Measure traffic and dwell time
Real time traffic Great for predictions

Our story

Intraz is a startup company founded in 2013. Our primary focus from day one has been to provide high quality, real time, customer analysis services on top of any type of sensor network available

At incubation stage, Intraz received top scores from Klak / Innovit and shortly after was awarded the first runner up at the annual Golden Egg competition.

Intraz is partly funded by the Icelandic development Fund, a 3 year program offered to outstanding startups. Our Go-To-Market stragety is through partnerships. If interested, send us a line.

Our Core Team

Our passion is bringing retail technology to the next level. Innovation is our game and we are crazy good at it

Contact Us

Want to know more? Please don't hesitate to send us a line.